Credit assessment

Planning for ways to strengthen your credit underwriting or offer larger loans? Eager to create high-quality portfolio of PSL and underbanked segment customers? Seeking scalable customer access powered by technology? Join us in providing innovative, intuitive and tech-backed financial solutions that can help promote inclusion, sustainability, and opportunities for all!

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ki score for credit decisioning

kaleidofin utilizes the ML-driven Kaleidofin Inclusive (ki) score for contextual credit assessment in the informal sector and underbanked segments. Our model combines demographic, geographical, credit history, savings, payments, and other alternate data, offering high-quality lending institutions a probability of default score for customers with or without credit history.

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ki score driven solutions

Real-time decisioning, eliminating waiting and uncertainity

Risk based pricing

Holistic financial health assessment

Pre-approve loans for customers

Predict risk of default, despite irregular cashflows

Graduate customers to optimum ticket size

Credit risk analysis scorecard

Over 4 million customers, underwriting 2.05 billion USD

Models trained on data of > 26 million unique customers

Market-tested and proven to work for 5+ years, including COVID waves

20-30% increased approval rates compared to other standard credit bureaus

Consistently demonstrated its effectiveness, maintaining a PAR 90 below 2%

Use of alternate data to elevate credit risk model, raising approvals by 10-20%

ki view for risk management

Wish for a comprehensive tool beyond data presentation? Kaleidofin's ki view offers an intelligent platform to analyze data, spot trends, and mitigate risks for scalable business growth. Choose us for continuous risk monitoring and timely early warnings, supporting holistic financial strategy management with impactful metrics.

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AI/ ML based early-stage risk warnings offering real-time updates

Detailed Transaction details

Deep insights on data pool

Download customised reports

Why choose us?

Make quick and informed credit decisions with performance and yield tracking.

Comprehensive view of all your business channels with near-real-time updates.

Identify areas of improvement and reduce delinquency rates through early-stage risk warnings.

Access to all historical data and reports to get a holistic view of your customer’s financial health.

Unlock customer lifetime value

Unlock the full scope of customer lifetime value with Kaleidofin. Our approach identifies pre-approved and graduation-eligible customers, enhances cross-selling, and ensures a dynamic portfolio aligned with your growth goals. Gain a strategic advantage by continually adding value from the same customer, fostering a sustained, mutually beneficial relationship for long-term success.

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