Lending as a service

At Kaleidofin, our commitment is to transform the lending landscape with forward-thinking solutions that open new avenues for growth. Join us in adopting innovative strategies for your PSL needs, expanding your lending reach, and collectively driving financial inclusion and market expansion.

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Co-lending and direct assignment

Thinking of entering into co-lending partnerships in the informal sector, that has innovative risk-sharing mechanisms, but limited by technological challenges? Looking for technology driven solutions to introduce smoother transitions and DA process? We are just the platform you need!

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Frictionless, scalable partnership opportunity

Enhancing operational efficiencies

Risk sharing strategies

Why choose us?

Accelerates the lending process, reducing approval times and enhancing operational efficiency.

Portfolio diversification, spreading risk and enhancing the stability of your lending activities.

Single API integration, complete portfolio management and monitoring solutions across entities using ki view.

Data-driven risk management and improved credit assessment solutions using ki score.

Manage income variability risks using our ML based credit scoring, ki score.

Empowering collaborative growth, we excel in the matchmaking of lenders and originators, fostering seamless and successful partnerships!


Unlock unparalleled market potential with our adept buy-side and sell-side syndication services, precisely tailored to meet your unique needs, expanding your reach and enhancing liquidity. Elevate your financial strategy to new heights through our meticulous structuring of securitization and assignment deals, ensuring optimal efficiency and risk mitigation.

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Frictionless, scalable partnership opportunity

Adaptive tech solutions

Deep high-quality balance sheet

Risk mitigation through diversified portfolio

Why choose us?

Efficient capital utilization

ki score-driven pool selection

Improve portfolio quality

ki view solutions for monitoring performance

BC Lending at scale

Looking for tech innovation to keep your processes and systems up to date? Seeking scalable customer access powered by technology? Kaleidofin's state-of-the-art platform optimizes processes, from application to credit assessment, boosting efficiency and profitability for BC lenders.

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Middleware for streamlined integration of multiple lender systems

Bank grade security and data privacy, compliant to regulatory requirements

Agile efficiency via SaaS No Code and Low Code go live options

Why choose us for your BC needs:

Kaleidofin offers a user-friendly interface, robust security features, and tailored solutions, ensuring efficient BC lending with a focus on innovation, reliability and customer satisfaction.

Pre-built APIs that enable real-time decisioning within originator systems

Streamline your lending processes, making it more efficient and user-friendly

Single tenant architecture and data isolation solutions for banking grade compliance excellence

Increase scale by connecting lenders and originators as per their needs

Business Partnerships at scale

Looking for transformative partnerships to expand your financial footprint and assemble a distinguished portfolio of customers across PSL and underbanked segments, all driven by a tech-enhanced approach? Leverage our solutions to expand your customer base in current and new markets!

Prioritize your PSL needs

High quality Balance sheet

Expansion into new markets

Scalable partnership opportunities

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