Kaleidofin is a financial services platform catering to the informal sector, delivering solutions tailored to customers' goals and designed for user-friendly experiences. Our mission is to provide fair and transparent financial solutions, targeting millions of customers and enterprises in India without convenient access to formal financial services.

Meet our Founders

Sucharita Mukherjee

Co-Founder & CEO

Puneet Gupta

Co-Founder & CFO

Natasha Jethanandani

Co-founder & CTO

Vipul Sekhsaria

Co-founder & COO

The luminaries - Board of Directors

Rajiv C. Lochan

ED, Sundaram Finance

Bahram N Vakil

Founding partner AZB

Treasa Matthew

Director ON India

Suvalaxmi Chakraborty

Founder Finreach

Geeta Goel

Managing Director MSDF

Our guiding lights - Mentors and advisors

Narayan Ramachandran

Founder- Inklude Labs and Operating Partner, Gaja Capital

Sanjay Jain

Sanjay Jain (Technology) Partner at Bharat Innovations Fund CIIE, IIM Ahmedabad

Chaitanya Pande

Chaitanya Pande (Investments) Founder- Polymath Capital Advisors

Fulfilling the Life Goals of customers

Kaleidofin was founded on the belief that every individual has a right to financial services and that every potential customer has unique needs. With the aim of providing intuitive and innovative financial solutions for the informal sector, we began our journey in 2018 and have gathered the support of institutional and angel investors.

We are proud to have the support of three esteemed institutional investors and a few exceptional angel investors. We benefit from their wisdom and network and we fulfil the life goals of our customers with customised financial solutions.

Network partners

Every customer is unique, and at Kaleidofin, we prioritize meeting their individual needs with tailored financial solutions. We understand the importance of placing customer satisfaction at the core of decision-making. To empower you in delivering an exemplary customer-centric experience, Kaleidofin opens its platform to network partners, seamlessly integrating goal-based financial solutions for institutions like Banks, Banking Correspondents, MFIs, NBFCs, and others.

Here is a business opportunity that

Enhances processes, strengthens consumer connections, and boosts customer lifetime value.

Increases wallet share for long-term revenue and profitability.

Enhances cross-selling opportunities through deep insights into customer financial behavior.

What kaleidofin offers

Tailored Financial Products

Unique solutions for diverse customer needs, offering curated savings prioritizing principal protection, higher returns compared to savings accounts, and a strategic mix of credit and insurance for stability.

Ease of Adoption

Our application, designed for diverse digital readiness, offers assisted and self-service features, along with tailored processes, training, and immersive adoption supported by cue-cards and vernacular assistance.

Business impact

Prioritizing customer satisfaction in decision-making fuels revenue share, enhances customer lifetime value through personalized nudges, and drives business innovation with insights.

Count on us as your dedicated partner on the path to becoming your preferred institution.

An adaptable plug-and-play platform driven by cutting-edge technology
Helps you in selecting an interface that maximizes your business's utility.
Deliver training and hand-holding to your front-ending associates
Drive and support with robust customer engagement module
Employs ML for actionable customer insights under kaleidofin's experienced leadership
Deliver exceptional value through high-quality product partnerships and rigorous quality checks

Some of our network partners

Product partners

Kaleidofin's technologically advanced platform streamlines the entire process, from enrollment to post-sales interaction, ensuring a unified experience for our product partners. Our robo-advisory technology aligns customers' risk profiles with their life goals, recommending the most suitable Kaleidofin solution to prevent miss-selling. As a product partner, you can seamlessly connect to our platform for last-mile market access, reaching a broad audience without additional costs. In less than a year, we've partnered with over 16 entities, granting us access to a rapidly growing network of 4 million customers.

Some of our product partners

What can you do about it

Partner with Kaleidofin and get to identify these 'at -risk' segments. With our goal-based financial planning, your employees can choose a goal and be carefree of their financial vulnerabilities, all in one stop!

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